CloudPay Loans: Fueling Your Business Growth

Empower Your Business with Flexible Loans

At Cloudpay Loans, we recognize the diverse needs of small businesses. We offer custom loan solutions ranging from KES. 45K to KES. 38M to help your business progress.

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Customized Loan Offers

Find loan offers tailored to your business. With your Cloudpay sales, select a loan size that aligns with your business objectives. No complex interest calculations, just a simple flat fee.

Hassle-Free Repayment

Repaying your loan is simple. A predetermined percentage of your Cloudpay sales automatically goes towards your loan repayment, adjusting to your business's fluctuations.

Invest in Your Business, Your Way.

Our loans aim to empower, not hinder. We offer amounts that we believe will advance your business, providing you the freedom to invest in any area of your venture.

Money in your account. As soon as tomorrow.

Quick Funds Access. Access the funds you need quickly, potentially as soon as tomorrow. With no long forms, your Cloudpay dashboard provides instant insights into your loan limit, allowing immediate borrowing.

Automatic Repayment Convenience. Forget manual scheduling. Loan repayments are seamlessly integrated with your sales, providing a hassle-free way to manage your loan.

We Believe in Small Businesses

Every small business deserves opportunities similar to larger corporations. Whether you aim to grow, evolve, or sustain, Cloudpay Loans offer the funding solutions you need.

Our Impact in Numbers

KES 90M+

loans extended.


Small businesses funded


A fixed percentage of your monthly sales is automatically allocated for loan repayment, allowing flexible payments that align with your business flow.

Absolutely. Customise your loan to match your needs, up to the maximum limit, directly through our loan section.

We assess factors like payment collections volume, account history, and payment frequency to customize your business’s loan offer.
Yes, you can prepay at any time without extra charges, and the total amount owed remains unchanged.

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